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The Titanic's Last Hero
(The testimony of John Harper)

By: Moody Adams

The title of this book, also contains the phrase "A Startling True Story That Can Change Your Life Forever". And it may do just that. It is about Rev. John Harper who sailed on the fateful Titanic in 1912, and lost his life.

The book is composed of personal writings of fellow ministers, personal friends, and the testimonies of individuals whose lives were changed forever under his ministry. It paints a picture of a minister who was truly called of God, and whose heart was emblazoned with Jesus' love and compassion for all people, no matter who they are.

The Titanic's Last Hero is truly a must for any minister entrusted with the care of souls under their ministry, as it will challenge your motives for being in the ministry. Would the last thought in your mind, the urgent cry of your very soul, be the souls of others? Rev. Harper, when fighting for his life in the icy waters of the Atlantic, was dealing with others about their souls, as the last convert that survived the sinking of the Titanic later testified to after being picked up by the rescue ship, Carpathia.

Rev. Harper was a Baptist minister, but the call of God, which crosses both Calvinistic and Arminian doctrines, is therefore relevant, as God deals individually with each of us.

I am of Nazarene faith and found that this book fits perfectly with another favorite book, "The New Testament Image of the Ministry" written by another man with a burning zeal for God, Dr. W.T. Purkiser, in many important ways:

  1. Rev. Harper talked of a definite second work of grace in his life, he called "The Baptism of Fire."
  2. He describes the burning call of God in your heart that motivates everything you do, and that you would rather preach and minister than eat or sleep.
  3. Rev. Harper was totally in love with the word of God, spent time in it, and was disciplined in his study of it.
  4. As a preacher and Evangelist, Rev. Harper was known to spend whole nights in prayer for the souls of the people he would preach to.
  5. As a pastor, he not only saw to it that people were saved, but he also diligently attended to their personal spiritual growth.

I would challenge you to read "The Titanicís Last Hero" and spend some time in prayer and open your heart to a real blessing!

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Cover by Carol Mosely
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