Edwards Family Album

Glen and Jan
Glen and Jan Edwards
Photo taken in 1984

Truck Photo, 26101 Bytes
Our home away from home. This is how we pay the bills.

Quiggly, 18742 Bytes Mandy, 23495 Bytes
Travels with me every where I go.
Jan's sidekick.

Glen, Quiggly, Mandy, 43200 Bytes Jan, Quiggly, Mandy, 25185 Bytes
Jan with Quiggly & Mandy
(Mandy is hidden in the shadows)

Glen with Quiggly & Mandy
"I think I see a rabbit!"


Tractor, 22415 Bytes Quiggly at the wheel, 20326 Bytes
Photo taken at home. "Let's go, Daddy!"

Quiggly & Mandy, 22742 Bytes Quiggly & Mandy, 28345 Bytes
More photos of the children, Quiggly & Mandy.

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